The way you display your jewelry will make or break your sale. Whether you sell your unique creations at trade shows or have a jewelry section in your boutique, you need wholesale jewelry displays that entice your customers. You want them to imagine your rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings paired with their favorite outfits. You also need a collection of wholesale jewelry boxes and pouches. Stock up on pouches and boxes for your higher-priced products. Get your wholesale jewelry displays started with basic T-bar displays for bracelets and necklaces, a few earring trees, trays with inserts. Put your best selling rings and necklaces on display with individual velvet displays, and don't forget the basic supplies from ring-sizing tools to display pins. You may also need a carrying case to safely escort your jewelry to and from trade shows. If you want to give your customers something special, consider specialty wholesale jewelry boxes. You can find boxes shaped like Santa Clause, teddy bears, bells or pink hippos. No wholesale jewelry display is complete without something extra sweet to seal the deal.

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